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2019 election:Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu APC Excos endorse Adedoyin Ibikunle



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2019 election:Kabba/Bunu, Ijumu APC Excos endorse Adedoyin Ibikunle

The Executive Members of the All Progressive Congress (APC), Kabba/Bunu and Ijumu Local Govrrnment Areas, have assured the foremost and the leading Senatorial Aspirant in Kogi West, Chief (Mrs) Adedoyin Ibikunle of their full support both at the primary and in 2019 general elections.

The excos gave the assurance at a meeting the Aspirant and her Campaign Team held with them to submit her Letter of Intent at the APC Secretariats in Yara and Kabba on Friday.

The duo APC executives of the LGAs, hailed the aspirant for her boldness and doggedness being a woman to signify her interest to contest for senator in the midst of several male aspirants.

Addressing the executive members of APC in both Ijumu and Kabba/Bunu at their different Secretariats, Adedoyin thanked them for the confidence reposed in her and for the warm reception, saying she was highly motivated and encouraged.

“I am a generous woman of high integrity who loves to put smiles on people’s faces. I have been assisting the less privileged people for over 20 years through my NGO, Doyin & Sazan Foundation.

“We have empowered jobless youths, women, widows and donating funds for payment of WAEC and NECO for indigent students, offered free medical treatment for vulnerable people in Yagba,” Adedoyin said.

She added that she had also facilitated loans for women and farmers across Kogi west senatorial district, stressing that she would do more when elected as the senator to represent them.

“I am here to introduce myself to you because I need your absolute trust to become a senator, who will respresent the interest of the people of Kogi west in the National Assembly, and I promise I will not dissappoint you.

“If you give me the opportunity and support me to get to that position without underrating me, I promise I will be a senator with a difference,” Adedoyin said.

Responding, Mr Elisha Mosunle, APC Chairman, Kabba/Bunu LGA, commended Adedoyin for the letter of intent and lauded her boldness for coming out to contest for the Kogi West Senatorial seat.

“We, as a people, are ready to support Yagba candidacy for Kogi west senatorial seat in the National Assembly both in primary and in the 2019 general elections, because we believe that it is Yagba turn.

“We urge you to carry Kabba/Bunu people along because any aspirant that does not recognise us due to our voting strength will definitely lose.

“We have 30 wards in our LGA, and when you have the 30 wards, victory is sure because Kabba/Bunu electorates will always come out massively to vote.

“We urge you to be faithful to us and play your own part, and our people will not dissappoint you. You will enjoy the favour of God and that of Kabba/Bunu APC Exco and the electorates,” Mosunle said.

Mr Juwon Gabriel, Iluke APC Ward Chairman, who spoke on behalf of Kabba/Bunu Ward Cahirmen, also assured Adedoyin of their full support, saying “as far as we are concern, it is Yagba turn for Senate, and we want to give women a chance.”

“We believe it is now Yagba turn to represent us in the Senate; when you get there, I urge you to accomodate all your consituents in Kogi west including Kabba/Bunu,” Gabriel said.

The APC Kabba/Bunu Youth Women Leader, Mrs Theresa Olorunmado, and Youth Leader, Mr Kolawole Arokoyo, both affirmed their unflinching support for the aspirants, but called on her to be opened to them when elected..

At Ijumu LGA, the APC Chairman, Elder Samuel Abejide, urged Adedoyin not to put her trust in any man but God, saying no man could give power except God.

Abejide also urged her to be sensitive and have a discerning spirit, never to allow some political jobbers to hinder her, saying God has the final say, but urged her to interact more with leaders.

While assuring her of their support, Abejide appeal to the aspirant to maintain her integrity when elected as a senator and never rescinded on her promises.

Mr Jethro Bamidele, Chairman Egbeda Ward, who spoke on behalf of Wards’ Chairmen in Ijumu LGA, said they were all pleased with Adedoyin’s comment, and prayed that God would give her the wherewithal to enable her secure the ticket.

Bamidele, however urged the senator to be, to remain humble and remember all her constituents when she got there, saying she would triumph effortlessly.

Ijumu LGA Women Leader, Mrs Tosin Ampitan, and Youth Leader, Hon Kehinde Ibitayo, commended the aspirant for her courage to have signified her interest and assured her of their support.

“Ijumu women are ready to give you our full support because women always come out massively to vote. We want you to help our jobless youths when you get there.

Our past male senators have failed us, we want to give woman a chance,” the women leader said.

The visit by Chief Mrs Adedoyin Ibikunle and her campaign team to Kabba/Bunu and Ijumu LGAs witnessed a very huge turnouts of electorates, who trooped to the two APC Secretariats in their respective LGAs to show her their love and support.

The events were well attended by representatives of APC Excos from all the seven LGAs in Kogi west, including the Zonal Women Leader and other APC stalwarts across the district.

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Austin Okai tackles FKK, says he praise sings Gov Bello for stomach infrastructure




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Former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode has come under heavy attack by the Peoples Democratic Party Youth activist, Usman Austin Okai for praise singing Governor Yahaya Bello.

Okai told Fani-Kayode that his quest to tackle his stomach infrastructure challenges after going broke has made a mess of his status as former Minister that he has now thrown caution to the wind belittling his ego.
He said by pouring unmerited praises on Kogi State governor during his 46th birthday without any project to his credit amounts to raising the bar of treachery that hasn’t been seen in the 21st century.

Okai who is a leading opposition figure in Kogi politics said there is maladministration and mismanagement of resources in Kogi State advising the former minister to rise above his stomach and pecuniary gains, and desist from insulting the sensibilities of Kogi indigenes.
The activist spoke in a statement that was made available to the NationalUpdate in Abuja on Thursday
He said,“I have observed with great dismay the complimentary remarks and comments showered on the infamous Governor of Kogi state, Yahaya Bello, by a former minister of the country, Chief Fani Kayode.
“Until recently, Chief Fani Kayode used to be a man I hold in high esteem, but is gradually tilting towards the path of infamy.
“I expected that being a man, who has served at the highest level of government, the Federal Executive Council, Fani Kayode should be able to differentiate good governance from clownishness, but I was wrong.

“Since the past days, FFK has been using every opportunity and platforms that he has to insult the sensibilities of Kogi indigenes and residents, who have been at the receiving end of Bello’s evil and maladministration, by labelling a man, unanimously agreed as failure in our State, as a performer.

“The same Yahaya Bello, who is infamously known as a disgrace to youths and governance, is the man Chief Kayode coronated with the robe of champion of Nigerian youths.
“It is unfortunate that since 2015, FFK has fallen from the exalted office of Campaign Spokesman to President Goodluck Jonathan to the clownish state of instability and riff-raffism.
“His notorious instability has seen him become a champion of Biafra secession whenever he is with Nnamdi Kanu; a champion of Oduduwa republic secession whenever he’s is with Sunday Igboho, and at the same time an advocate of one united Nigeria whenever he is with Yahaya Bello or any Nigerian Governor.
“Will a mental stable person be an advocate of secession and at same time an advocate of united Nigeria?”

“While I am not against the decision of Chief Kayode to take advantage of the wastefulness of Governor Bello, he would have done himself good by quietly taking his share and hide his shame instead of exposing his disgrace.
“It will be in the interest of Chief Fani Kayode to respect himself as a former minister and rise beyond the dictates of his stomach.
“He can’t be a critic of the failed Buhari administration but at the same time praise Yahaya Bello, who is a much greater failure.
“Kogi State indigenes will not fold arms and watch anyone insult their sensibilities and make them look stupid simply because such person craves to fulfil the ambition of his stomach”.

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2023 election: Why Nigerians must demand for new electoral act – Buba Galadima




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Former National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) party Alhaji Buba Galadima has enumerated reasons why Nigerian leaders of thought must mobilize the citizens and all political parties to demand for an electoral act before the 2023 election.

Speaking at a One Day Stakeholders Summit on Democracy in Nigeria with the theme, Elections: Participation and safety in the face of growing insecurity he said, Nigeria has no electoral act that can guide the people since the one in use is outdated.

“Our electoral law is an outdated one, since 2010 there has not been any new electral law so the world is moving we are not being waited for. Now no electiral law which means no guide to election. So if we mobilse the people where are we taking them to. All the citzens 

“We must mobilise all groups to stand up and face our oppressors, that there must be electoral act that will guarranttee the sanctity of the votes of the people.

The former ally of President Buhari said the use of technology is the only way out of the present mess.

“I want to say all the five elections if we want to cut cost can be done in one day. It was done in one day in this country. So you cut down on electoral expenditure.

Lesser electoral officers, electoral materials and there is no need for any security agents anywhere near any polling booth if we are just to ourselves. 

“How can we be just and bring about an electoral act that will guarrantee free and fair election?  We have to use technology. Once we cannot use technology then we cannot get it right.

“Let us have a time frame on the day of election from 8am to 1pm, we all do accreditation and all the thumb printing on the card reader or whatever instrument should be electronically transmitted to a cenral server. 

“Then by 1pm all servers should be switched off and all the accredited voters all over would have been flashed for the world to see so that if in Sokoto for instance 500, 000 people have are accredited to vote, in FCT 200, 000 and at the end we have a complete tally of all accredited voters. “If it is 20milion people therefore at the end when votes are counted there should be no one single vote more than the 20million people. 

He said the card reader should such that it recognises only one vote.

He said when that is done everyone would be encouraged.

He accused the Governors as the enemies of the Nigerian democracy saying they worse are the ones promoting insecurity.

“They are the worse culprits. They have killed the local Government, they have taken our common wealth. They have made all of us their own slaves.

On the over militarization of the polling units he said

“In my community they say use the man in front so that we can measure the depth of the river. Just when we leave visit INEC office next door and you will see the amount of securty that are there. 

“It is worse than a garrison commaners office in war torn Bokoharam area of Borno and Yobe or the miliary area of Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and Kaduna or Niger. 

“This is INEC office. Why. If you go to Ghana the Electoral Commission chairman is accessible,

He said when he went to understudy the card reader in Ghana it was then he understood the advantage of technology in bringing to bare free and fair electoral process.

“This was when I understudied the Ghanian use of the electoral card reader which helped Buhari to become the President of Nigeria who has now vehemently refused to enthrench a level playing field for political parties to follow. 

“The point I was trying to make is that violence, insecurity are diretly the products of injustice, when there is no justice, Violence and insecurity will continue in our country. 

He said the electorates can not be mobilised as their votes do not count.

He said it is because, Nigeria is a country where the judiciary can uphold an election of a number 4 person according to the tally of votes and make him a Governor of a State. 

A lot of people come to me for advise and I tell them don’t contest election yet, do you have at least 500 Ak47 rifles? That is the question I asked. 

“For the presidency you don’t just need a battallion but you need a whole division of the Nigerian Army to police your polling booths so where are we heading to, where are we going, The future is bleak

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APC Convention: Permutations favor emergence of Senator from Niger State




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The saying that once beaten twice shy might be the case with the All Progressives Congress (APC) as it prepares for its National Convention having taken its time in a calculative manner to ensure it elects the chairman that can lead the party to victory in 2023, not crises.

Based on the strength of that, a chieftain of the party has indicated that a dark horse might likely emerge as the National Chairman of the party.
The chieftain who recalled the recent ugly experience of that undesirable type of leadership which almost took the party to Golgota said never again would they elect such leadership.

The APC stalwarts who craved anonymity said that the dark horse is a serving Senator from Niger State.
Within his permutation, he said two aspirants have indicated interest from Niger State, a former Minister and Serving Senator but the lot favors the serving Senator.

He said, “You should also know that there are two other former Governors from the North Central who have indicated interest for the position. One is from Benue state and the other is from Nasarawa State.

“But as l speak to you now the governors have taken their mind off them.

“The reason is hinged on the fact that the experience they had with the former governor who was the National Chairman the party.”

The chieftain posited also that the Senators are making case for the serving Senator from Niger State on the grounds that since the inception of APC all the National Chairmen had been former Governors.

Further, he said,”From all indications and the narratives in strategic blocks in the party, it shows that the support base of two frontline aspirants in the person of a vocal serving senator and a former minister both from the North Central zone are most likely going to dominate the permutations for the race of who becomes the new national chairman of the party in the next national convention which is coming up in few months.

“There are indications that the serving senator is said to be popular amongst young political class as he is versatile in managing the diversity and strength of both the old and new generation of politicians, he is outspoken against a society that groom bad and inept leadership, which pundits believe it can result in establishing bad governance.
His silent mentioned has today created a challenge for older politicians and will be making it look tough in the coming days for the older hands on how to deal with the dynamics of the permutations.

“For the former minister who was also a one time member of the lower green chamber, the political environment may proof too difficult as pundits believed he will be used, and the fear is that It makes the party future uncertain. He is a good schemer in the game of party politics and within the macro environment, but when it comes to rallying round the party leadership blocks and populace he will face a herculean task to manage.”

According to the chieftain, the old hands that have indicated their ambitions to contest if given the opportunity may throw the party into turmoil, those that have openly declared interest are former governors of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff, Nasarawa, Umaru Tanko Almakura, Zamfara, Abdulazeez Yari and a few others. They are all seen to carry one baggage or the other that may affect the fortunes of the party come 2023. Majority of the APC faithfuls are of the opinion that new breed of leadership is desirable for the party, they are ferocious of the old class emerging this time again as they believe it will be business as usual and they are of the opinion that they don’t know what the problem is and they don’t know how it can be solved.

However, the APC Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee has not concluded the date for the National Convention as the proposed time table for the congresses is before the President, Muhammadu Buhari awaiting approval.


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