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2023: Nasarawa speaker drums support for Gov. Sule’s second term bid



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From Umar Egbunu Muhammed, Lafia

The Speaker, Nasarawa State House of Assembly, Mr. Ibrahim Balarabe Abdullahi, has said that there is no alternative to Governor Abdullahi Sule and All Progressive Congress ( APC) in the state come 2023.

Addressing stakeholders in his home town in Umaisha,Toto LGA of the state, the speaker described Governor Sule as a leader with great passion and zeal for peace, Unity and speedy growth of the State, hence the need for all to rally round the governor to succeed.

“The handwriting is very clear on the wall. as far as I’m concerned, in Nasarawa State we have no any other candidate to fueld in 2023 apart from Governor Sule.

“Every state, every country, every local area and so on, elect leaders that will give result and with the antecedence of Governor Sule, especially some of us that are working closely with him know very well that his project, his dream, his thinking day and night is all about Nasarawa State”

“So what else do we want than to give him all the necessary support to succeed and transformed our beloved state because if God spare our lives and by his grace, Sule will serve out his eight Years, he said.

The speaker emphasized the fact that peace is priceless as the first instrument of development, hence the need for all to give the Governor the support in his peace and development efforts to encourage more investors to the state to boost socio-economic activities.

According to him, the State assembly under his watch will give Governor Sule maximum support and cooperation to succeed beyond expectation as he reiterated that the assembly will continue to enact laws and pass resolutions that will be of the best interest of the the people of the state.

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2023 election: Why Nigerians must demand for new electoral act – Buba Galadima




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Former National Secretary of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) party Alhaji Buba Galadima has enumerated reasons why Nigerian leaders of thought must mobilize the citizens and all political parties to demand for an electoral act before the 2023 election.

Speaking at a One Day Stakeholders Summit on Democracy in Nigeria with the theme, Elections: Participation and safety in the face of growing insecurity he said, Nigeria has no electoral act that can guide the people since the one in use is outdated.

“Our electoral law is an outdated one, since 2010 there has not been any new electral law so the world is moving we are not being waited for. Now no electiral law which means no guide to election. So if we mobilse the people where are we taking them to. All the citzens 

“We must mobilise all groups to stand up and face our oppressors, that there must be electoral act that will guarranttee the sanctity of the votes of the people.

The former ally of President Buhari said the use of technology is the only way out of the present mess.

“I want to say all the five elections if we want to cut cost can be done in one day. It was done in one day in this country. So you cut down on electoral expenditure.

Lesser electoral officers, electoral materials and there is no need for any security agents anywhere near any polling booth if we are just to ourselves. 

“How can we be just and bring about an electoral act that will guarrantee free and fair election?  We have to use technology. Once we cannot use technology then we cannot get it right.

“Let us have a time frame on the day of election from 8am to 1pm, we all do accreditation and all the thumb printing on the card reader or whatever instrument should be electronically transmitted to a cenral server. 

“Then by 1pm all servers should be switched off and all the accredited voters all over would have been flashed for the world to see so that if in Sokoto for instance 500, 000 people have are accredited to vote, in FCT 200, 000 and at the end we have a complete tally of all accredited voters. “If it is 20milion people therefore at the end when votes are counted there should be no one single vote more than the 20million people. 

He said the card reader should such that it recognises only one vote.

He said when that is done everyone would be encouraged.

He accused the Governors as the enemies of the Nigerian democracy saying they worse are the ones promoting insecurity.

“They are the worse culprits. They have killed the local Government, they have taken our common wealth. They have made all of us their own slaves.

On the over militarization of the polling units he said

“In my community they say use the man in front so that we can measure the depth of the river. Just when we leave visit INEC office next door and you will see the amount of securty that are there. 

“It is worse than a garrison commaners office in war torn Bokoharam area of Borno and Yobe or the miliary area of Zamfara, Katsina, Sokoto and Kaduna or Niger. 

“This is INEC office. Why. If you go to Ghana the Electoral Commission chairman is accessible,

He said when he went to understudy the card reader in Ghana it was then he understood the advantage of technology in bringing to bare free and fair electoral process.

“This was when I understudied the Ghanian use of the electoral card reader which helped Buhari to become the President of Nigeria who has now vehemently refused to enthrench a level playing field for political parties to follow. 

“The point I was trying to make is that violence, insecurity are diretly the products of injustice, when there is no justice, Violence and insecurity will continue in our country. 

He said the electorates can not be mobilised as their votes do not count.

He said it is because, Nigeria is a country where the judiciary can uphold an election of a number 4 person according to the tally of votes and make him a Governor of a State. 

A lot of people come to me for advise and I tell them don’t contest election yet, do you have at least 500 Ak47 rifles? That is the question I asked. 

“For the presidency you don’t just need a battallion but you need a whole division of the Nigerian Army to police your polling booths so where are we heading to, where are we going, The future is bleak

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APC Convention: Permutations favor emergence of Senator from Niger State




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The saying that once beaten twice shy might be the case with the All Progressives Congress (APC) as it prepares for its National Convention having taken its time in a calculative manner to ensure it elects the chairman that can lead the party to victory in 2023, not crises.

Based on the strength of that, a chieftain of the party has indicated that a dark horse might likely emerge as the National Chairman of the party.
The chieftain who recalled the recent ugly experience of that undesirable type of leadership which almost took the party to Golgota said never again would they elect such leadership.

The APC stalwarts who craved anonymity said that the dark horse is a serving Senator from Niger State.
Within his permutation, he said two aspirants have indicated interest from Niger State, a former Minister and Serving Senator but the lot favors the serving Senator.

He said, “You should also know that there are two other former Governors from the North Central who have indicated interest for the position. One is from Benue state and the other is from Nasarawa State.

“But as l speak to you now the governors have taken their mind off them.

“The reason is hinged on the fact that the experience they had with the former governor who was the National Chairman the party.”

The chieftain posited also that the Senators are making case for the serving Senator from Niger State on the grounds that since the inception of APC all the National Chairmen had been former Governors.

Further, he said,”From all indications and the narratives in strategic blocks in the party, it shows that the support base of two frontline aspirants in the person of a vocal serving senator and a former minister both from the North Central zone are most likely going to dominate the permutations for the race of who becomes the new national chairman of the party in the next national convention which is coming up in few months.

“There are indications that the serving senator is said to be popular amongst young political class as he is versatile in managing the diversity and strength of both the old and new generation of politicians, he is outspoken against a society that groom bad and inept leadership, which pundits believe it can result in establishing bad governance.
His silent mentioned has today created a challenge for older politicians and will be making it look tough in the coming days for the older hands on how to deal with the dynamics of the permutations.

“For the former minister who was also a one time member of the lower green chamber, the political environment may proof too difficult as pundits believed he will be used, and the fear is that It makes the party future uncertain. He is a good schemer in the game of party politics and within the macro environment, but when it comes to rallying round the party leadership blocks and populace he will face a herculean task to manage.”

According to the chieftain, the old hands that have indicated their ambitions to contest if given the opportunity may throw the party into turmoil, those that have openly declared interest are former governors of Borno State, Ali Modu Sheriff, Nasarawa, Umaru Tanko Almakura, Zamfara, Abdulazeez Yari and a few others. They are all seen to carry one baggage or the other that may affect the fortunes of the party come 2023. Majority of the APC faithfuls are of the opinion that new breed of leadership is desirable for the party, they are ferocious of the old class emerging this time again as they believe it will be business as usual and they are of the opinion that they don’t know what the problem is and they don’t know how it can be solved.

However, the APC Caretaker/Extraordinary Convention Planning Committee has not concluded the date for the National Convention as the proposed time table for the congresses is before the President, Muhammadu Buhari awaiting approval.


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Nasarawa 2023: Azara Youths Group endorse Hon Nalaraba for 2nd term




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From Abel Daniel, Lafia

Concerned stakeholders and youths’ group in Nasarawa State have unanimously endorsed the house of representative member for Keana, Awe and Doma federal constituency, Hon Abubakar Nalaraba for second term come 2023 2023.

The group, Azara Youths Association in Awe local government area said they have resolved to join hands with other people within the constituency to ensure his re-election in 2023.

The group made their position known in a press statement signed by the chairman of Azara Youths Association Abdullahi Hamza and secretary Aliyu Mohammed, a copy made available to the NationalUpdate on Sunday in Lafia.

The group said the decision to endorse Hon Nalaraba was taken after critical and in-depth performance basement of the house of Representatives member.

Hon Abubakar Nalaraba was first elected in 2019 to represent Keana, Awe and Doma federal constituency of Nasarawa State on the platform of the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The group said , the last two years of Hon Nalaraba’s representation at the house of Representatives has been exceptionally excellent in delivering the dividends of democracy, not only to his constituency but even beyound.

“After due consultations with the entire people of Doma, Awe and Keana, we the Azara Youths Association have thrown our weight behind the re-election of Hon Abubakar Nalaraba to represent us again in 2023

“Given his political antecedents, he is a man with professional sagacity, immense insight and profound intellectual acumen.

“He is an astute administrator, paragon of peace, epitome of Justice, political icon of our time and place, great achiever and a promise deliverer”

“Within two years, he has attracted alot of development to not only Azara but the entire constituency, there are boreholes all over, job employments, enterprenureship schemes for SMEs and farmers, renovation of schools and hospitals, scholarship among others.

“We the Azara Youths in Awe LGA have declared our support and endorsement for Hon Nalaraba as our sole candidate for the house of representatives come 2023”

The statement quoted the group as calling on Hon Nalaraba to complete the electricity project in Azara by providing transformers to step down light in Azara Development Area.

The group thereby called on all citizens of the constituency who intend to contest for the house of representative seat to suspend their ambition and support Hon Abubakar Nalaraba for second term come 2023.

He commended Hon Nalaraba for the remarkable and examplary way he has represented the constituency and expressed gratitude to him for the monumental infrastructural development in the constituency.

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