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Okorocha says Kanu is too small to decide for Southeast



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**Says President Buhari is not talking enough to Nigerians

Senator representing Imo West Senatorial District, in the Senate, Rochas Okorocha, has Berated the Federal government for the shabby manner it handled the issue of Nnamdi Kanu.

Okorocha who is also a former Governor of Imo State gave the indication at the Nigerian Union of Journalists (NUJ) Federal Capital Territory (NUJ-FCT) Secretariat Abuja while marking his 59th birthday

He noted that, the larger than life image created out of Nnamdi Kanu was the failure, on the side of Government to manage the problem.

He maintained that Kanu cannot decide the direction of the region when there are quality leaders who are alive and can make decision for the eastern region as against an over zealous young man who does not know the issues of governance.

He noted that the region is concerned that the most sensitive issue in the Southeast today was that of amnesty for Boko Haram members who killed and maimed Nigerians in their houses and farms, yet the government has focused its energy on arrest and prosecution of Nnamdi Kanu

Okorocha advocated for a round table discussion between the federal Government and agitators like Kanu and his likes where they should warned agaisnt destabilising the country.

“What I will suggest, Nnamdi Kanu matter has become a tribal issue,we have lost the sensitivity of the matter, and we have now made it a tribal issue.

“Ab-initio, I had advised that Government shouldn’t have gone the way they went before shooting the image of the boy too high.
“We have met the issue on ground, when it started but when we started talking about Nnamdi Kanu, Nnamdi Kanu became a bigger than life image.

“What I would suggest is that federal Government and the Southeast should meet and find a way to sort out this problem, it is a evil wind that will not blew any one any good

“Nnamdi Kanu should not be made a very high issue. I wish as a senator said, that we just bring him around a table and let us know his anger.

“There is Jim Nwobodo, Ezeife, Nwanyanwu, leaders of thought in the Southeast and others, a young man wants to tell us the way to go. If we can get this kind of talk you find out that it is not worth the trouble we are giving to it. 

“Whatever that can resolve to get him out of that cell, with some kind of warning and undertaking, let the leaders say look, let bygone be bygone, let us start a new Nigeria, it will help.

“Not only him, the other agitators across the country, bring them back and talk them, what is sensitive now in the Southeast is the issue that they are giving amnesty to Boko Haram, and the Nnamdi Kanu is in detention. 

“It is no longer about Nnamdi Kanu now, it is taking a new dimension, I see this as overzealous young man who did not even experience the civil war and is talking more about the civil war, than we that have experienced it.”

He also carpered the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) for contemplating to zone the Presidency away from the south

His words: “There is no justifiable reason for APC to zone presidency away from the south, not even Southwest because there has been this culture of rotation, unwritten but what you called a mutual understanding.

“Power went first to the south there you had President Olusegun Obasanjo; then it came back to the North, we had Late President, Umaru Yar’Adua and back to the South, President Goodluck Jonathan.

“Then it came back to the North, the incumbent President, Muhammadu Buhari. I think it is just fair, in what is called understanding, it is not a right but for equity and justice, that this understanding is not broken, it should go back to the South.

He dismissed the statement credited to the Governor of Imo state, Senator, Hope Uzodima that the Southeast does not need the Presidency.

Okoracha said :”Which Governor? I don’t think you heard him right because in the normal sense he can’t say that. He can’t said that. Something is wrong, I think something is wrong. I don’t think he said that. That Ibo will not need the presidency? 

“The argument Ibos should make because I personally don’t believe that power should be shared like bread. Tear and give me. Let him that has something upstairs Govern because tribe will not put food on the table of the common man. 

“The Yoruba man has governed Nigeria. The Hausa man has governed Nigeria, the South South has governed Nigeria. Let’s try an Ibo man to see how it would be. That kind of statement will sound more ideally. If you put this, it would be softer than when you said it is Ibo, is Ibo, is our turn, is our turn. Turn to do what?

Okorocha admitted that the All Progressives Congress (APC) was not supportive of President Buhari’s administration as it should have done.

“If you want to say that our party the APC has not given sufficient support to the administration, I will also say you are right.
“If you say, there is is big communication gap, between the government and the people, I will say you are right. 
“Infact the last time I saw President Muhammadu Buhari, I said Sir, speak to Nigerians freely, this written speeches sometimes do not work, people want you to communicate with them; they want to know, so they can feel you, that is why am saying, once there is communication gap, you can misunderstand issues.

Okorocha maintained that the people of the Southeastern Nigeria only need a level playing field to demonstrate their ability in the Nigerian state.

He argued that the party has made promises at the campaign and was still working to achieve that but added that poor communication of the president created room for misunderstanding of his administration

“If APC had done well, you cannot generalize, we talked about power, agriculture, security, now, what you call work in progress you cannot take.
On whether he will run for presidency come 2023, he said,

“I don’t have ambition to be president, I have vision to be President of Nigeria, that is why it is driving me crazy because I see the possibility of a new Nigeria.

When you say ambition, I do not have the political connectivity to be President. The vision is what drives me.That is why I differ from most of these aspirations.

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INEC free to transmit Results of Anambra Governorship electronically says Senator Gaya




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Chairman Senate Committee on the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), Senator Kabiru Gaya, has indicated that the electoral body is at liberty to transmit the Anambra state governorship election result electronically if it so desires.

Gaya spoke while briefing reporters after the National Assembly Joint Committee on Electoral Matters and
INEC met with stakeholders on the November 6, 2021 governorship election in Anambra State.

When asked if INEC can transmit results of the election electronically, Gaya said: “It is left for INEC to decide whether it will transfer the election results in Anambra or not. They have done that in the previous elections in Edo and Ondo States.”

He added: “Even before the INEC started transferring elections results from polling units, Nigerians have been monitoring results of elections the moments they are being announced at polling stations and by 4pm, even before the final results are announced, many Nigerians would have seen them on the internet. Nigerians are fully involved in elections.”

Gaya indicated that INEC assured the joint committee that it will go ahead with the Anambra election and declare the winner despite the prevailing security situation in the state.

“We expect the people of the state to cooperate fully with the electoral body by being law abiding.

“The only way to achieve free and fair, credible election in Anambra is for everybody to eschew violence,” Gaya added.

Earlier in his remarks, the National Chairman of INEC, Professor Yakubu Mahmood, said the agency has recovered from the series of attacks by yet to be identified persons in Anambra state.

“We have recovered from the series of attacks on our facilities and I am happy to say that we have deployed all the non-sensitive materials to all the local government areas.
“We have trained the requisite number of adhoc staff for the election and we have also mobilized members of the National Union of Road Transport Workers for efficient distribution of materials on election day. As far as INEC is concerned, we are good to go on November 6, 2021.”

On the level of distribution of Permanent Voter Cards (PVCs) in Anambra State, he said: “We have a little over 81,000 valid registrants. After the suspension of the CVR (Continuous Voter Registration) in Anambra State, that includes a little over 5,000 that applied for replacement of cards and intra-state and inter-state transfers.

“As we speak we are batching the cards. They will leave first thing tomorrow morning for Awka and all the new registrants will get their cards before the elections.

“This time around with the help of technology we were able to harvest the telephone numbers and email addresses of the registrants.

“So we will contact each and every one of them and tell them where to pick their cards. But the cards will be delivered to Awka tomorrow.”

He added that INEC will make announcement in the media to ensure that those without telephones and emails to collect their cards at the ward level.

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Anambra Guber: APGA, YPP Candidates scramble for Arthur Eze’s “financial support”




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An apparent cash trapped All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA), led by its candidate for the Anambra Governorship election, Chukwuma Soludo, has gone cap in hand to Prince Engr Arthur Eze to seek financial support to prosecute the November 6 election.

With strong allies of APGA decamping to the All Progressives Congress (APC) ahead of the election, it was gathered that Soludo mobilised close friends to the Abuja residence of Prince Engr Arthur Eze to plead with him to support his ambition financially.

Prof. Soludo was accompanied by Sir Victor Umeh and Igwe APGA. Coincidentally, they met Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah who had also come to Prince Arthur Eze’s residence to solicit for his support.

Soludo’s visit to the Anambra business mogul has shocked many as it would be recalled that the governor Willie Obiano APGA led government insulted and called Prince Engr Arthur Eze unprintable names after he led some traditional rulers on a thank you visit President Buhari.

Some of the traditional rulers were dethroned, some suspended and Ozo Igbo Ndu was ridiculed by APGA media.

A source privy to the meeting told our correspondent that Arthur Eze told Prof. Soludo to go and bring Gov. Obiano and his wife to come and tender open apology before he could listen to them.

He advised Sen. Ifeanyi Ubah to go and support Andy Ubah of APC.

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Women group in US condemns Chief Dokpesi’s comment on Kanu, Igbo presidency




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The National Congress of Women’s Societies (NCWS) Nigeria in United States has condemned in strong terms a statement credited to the Chairman of DAAR Communications Plc. Chief Raymond Dokpesi as not well intended.

Dokpesi had indicated that the activities of Nnamdi Kanu’s Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) would jeopardize South East’s quest to produce Nigeria’s President in 2023

The coordinator of the group in Georgia, Dr Ngozi Orabueze in a statement made available to the NationalUpdate in Abuja described the statement as not only a distraction to the neglect of the Southeast in the political relevance of Nigeria, but also a tactic to assuage gullible south easterners of his concern for the situation in the region.

Dr Orabueze who is also the secretary general of the Indigenous Nigerians in Georgia (ING) noted that it is laughable for Chief Dokpesi to assert that Nnamdi Kanu would use militant tactics to force a Southeast President to declare independence.

She reminded Chief Dokpesi that self-determination is not a crime under the United Nations Charter so correlating Nnamdi Kanu’s self-determination to the reason why a South Easterner will not be voted in as Nigeria’s President come 2023 is deceitful and lacks sincerity.

Dr Orabueze questioned Chief Dokpesi’s thought process and asked if the thousands of lives being lost today in Nigeria through insecurity, terrorism and banditry is happening under a Southeast President.

Which is more dangerous: killing and maiming of innocent Nigerians daily and taking over their land or self-determination for freedom, equity, justice and fairness?
Dr Orabueze therefore described Chief Dokpesis comment as cynical because on one hand he is talking about not allowing UN to grant SE independence which smirks autocracy that the international body is beginning to associate Nigeria with.
On the other hand she said he is merely supporting his choice for the North East to produce the next president in 2023 because of his lack of trust for the South East.

She questioned the sincerity of Chief Dokpesi in One Nigeria if he believes that some sections of the country are more qualified to rule and unite the country than others.

Dr Orabueze maintained that there is no proven fact to such comment or assertion.
“Why force the SE then to remain in a manipulative structure and entity when you don’t trust them to rule the country?

“Rather than such shallow view, Chief Dokpesi should focus his energy on resolving the self-determination calls from Nigerian Citizens from the East, West, North and South who have lost hope in the current structure of the country due to the way it is being manipulated and managed.”
She noted that the statement by Dokpesi is not only dangerous but undermines the basic rights of Nigerians to determine how they wish to remain in the entity called Nigeria.

“Such statement also goes against the freedom of every Nigerian Citizen to aspire to the highest position in the land without fear of intimidation.”
She reminded Dokpesi that the unity of Nigeria is negotiable if such negotiation will stop the wanton loss of lives, killings, banditry and land grabbing going on today under a Northern President.
The coordinator reminded him that pushing such agenda as he opined will lead the country into more bloodshed and chaos and disintegration.
“No one wanted to feel like a second class citizen in his/her own country.”
According to her, the statement shows how out of touch some of the current political players in Nigeria are with the realities on ground.
She questioned the Chiefs quest to continue to promote a failed structure and failed leadership from the same region that has seen unprecedented deaths in the lives of Nigerians that is drifting the country into chaos.
“How does he want to justify or determine who is more qualified to rule Nigeria?
“What makes him think that himself and the current people from the North that he is promoting for Nigeria’s presidency have the monopoly of how Nigeria should be best served in the wake of current drawbacks in almost all sectors of the country’s growth including education, economy, health, security and other areas.
“Is he saying that the leadership that Nigeria currently has from the North is the best thing that could happen to Nigeria?

She called on well-meaning Nigerians to ignore such cynical comments using the IPOB leader as an excuse to promote inequity in the country and continue to engage all sections of the country in meaningful talks with a view to finding lasting and acceptable constitutional structure that will provide freedom, equity, fairness and sense of belonging for all Nigerians.”

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