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Relieve Kogi Budget Commissioner, Overhaul Ministry CSO tasks Gov Bello



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Relieve Kogi Budget Commissioner, Overhaul Ministry CSO tasks Gov Bello

By John Akubo

The Executive Director, Centre for Human Rights and Conflicts Resolution, Comrade Idris Miliki, has called for the removal of the Kogi State Commissioner for Budget and Planning, Hon. Paul Maiwada.

Aside the sack of the Budget Commissioner, stakeholders at a one day budget summit organized by Centre for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution, in partnership with Shehu Musa Yar’ Adua Foundation with support of Mac Arthur Foundation held in Lokoja, also called on government to quickly reorganise the Budget and Planning Ministry for effective performance.

He decried copy and paste budget syndrone that has become the hallmark of the State budget process which he said is indicative of cluelessness on the part of the ministry on budget requirements.

According to Com. Miliki, the budget office has over the years failed to meet the purpose of delivering acceptable and implementable budget in the state.

Comrade Miliki tasked the state government to take more than a passing interest in preparation of the state budget, as he frowned at the nonchalant attitude of the ministry of finance, and budget whom he noted have not paid greater attention to budgeting process.

Com. Miliki pointed out that budget and its process was supposed to be inclusive and participatory, as he called on citizens of the state to make input in budget making process of the state as well as to monitor its implementation.

Miliki indicated that the people are always at a loss when budget usually described as laudable by the executives, does not translate to improving their living standards accusing the government of induging selective implementation of budget, late release of capital votes and disregard for the appropriation act as the norm in the state.

Earlier in his presentation, the lead speaker, Eze Onyekpere esq, said development should be about the people, as he urged citizens to own, drive and work for the success of budget and its implantation.

While he described budget as a work in progress he cited poor implementation, not abiding by the financial regulations and bureaucracy as challenge bedevilling the successful implementation of budget.

The lead speaker tasked the state government to make audit a key component in determining the successful implementation of past budgets, advocated for training of personnel and providing the political will to the state auditor general in carrying out it responsibility.

In an opening remarks, Honorable Haruna Idoko, Chairman Kogi State House of Assembly Committee on Budget commended the Centre for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution for their interest in government providing good governance, assured that the efforts would be made to make the 2019 budget inclusive and participatory.

Panelists and other stakeholders at the summit called for a review of the budget process, making the public account committee of the state house of assembly functional to enable it Carry out oversight functions as well as subjecting the budget from it inception and implementation to public scrutiny, with the media asked to dig deep into the making and implementation of budget in the state.

The centre expressed its willingness to partner, with Kogi state House of Assembly on public hearing for the 2019 budget, to make it more, inclusive and people oriented.
The center challenged the Assembly and the KGSG to raise the ante in the state budget so it should not just be an annual ritual but people oriented document.
It decried the copy and paste syndrome that has bedevilled the State budget in recent times ascriebing it to laziness civil servants.

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IGP orders investigation into alleged indictment of DCP ABBA Kyari




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The Inspector General of Police IGP Usman Alkali Baba has ordered a thorough investigation of allegation and indictment processes from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) against one of the personnel of the Nigeria Police Force, DCP Abba Kyari,
The statement issued by the Force Public Relations Officer, Cp Frank MBA  reaffirmed the police force commitment to the pursuit of justice and the strengthening of its professional relationship with the FBI and other international partners.

It indicated that “Further developments on this case will be communicated to members of the public accordingly.

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Retired Police Officers accuse police hierarchy of using their benefits for private business




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The Retired Police Officers Under Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) have accused the Police hierarchy of conspiring with the NPF Pensions to cheat police retirees.
They accused them of seizing their terminal benefits to run a private profit making business in which the owners of the money (Police Retirees) are not shareholders.”
They described a publication in a National Daily on July 7th, 2021 which was also on social media as propaganda to launder the battered image of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF pension and Pensions commission.
In a statement issued in Calabar and signed by representatives of 17 states they expressed the believe that their peaceful protest in Abuja on April 28, 2021, and the Senate investigate hearing of their petition on June 2, 2021, are yielding the desired results.
The statement reads, “The attention of retired Police Officers under contributory pension scheme (CPS) has been drawn to the propaganda aimed at image laundering by the Nigeria Police Force, NPF pension and the pension commission published in the Nation Newspaper of  July 7, 2021 and Social media.
“While service chiefs in other agencies and the leadership of other organizations are working to better the living standard of their serving and retired staff, the Police leadership are conspiring with the NPF pension to cheat police retirees.”

“It is unimaginable that a Deputy Inspector-General of Police (DIG) would abandon his Police Administrative duties to go about marketing the product of NPF Pension.
“When and how did a whole DIG become a sales agent? There is a serious abdication of responsibility. Unfortunately, Pencom whose duty it is to check and dissuade such official breach rather looks the other way, while a Police DIG fronts NPF pension marketing campaign for private gains to the detriment of “poor” Police Retirees.
The statement indicated that at the public hearing the Inspector-General of Police was requested to propose a bill for exiting Police from CPS to the National Assembly, the trio feel threatened and hence resorted to this cheap propaganda to launder their image.

“We want to tell them that “no one can do anything against the truth but for the truth”. To whatever extent they want to take their propaganda, it is helping the truth to unfold.
“Therefore, we want to appeal to them not to use the name of Mr President in their propaganda because when the truth shall unfold as this retraction sets out to unfold, the name of the President will be dragged into the mud.
“No Police Retiree under CPS who has been exposed to the highest level of frustration and abandoned after suffering to keep the peace of this nation will ever applaud them for stealing their hard earned benefits. 
They described the Pension Reform Act 2014 as a conspiracy against Retired Police Officers to sell them out to bourgeois to divert their hard earned benefits into their private business.

“It is unthinkable that Police Officers who enlisted into the Police Force under Defined Benefits Scheme (DBS) and had served this nation up to pensionable years before the introduction of CPS could be coerced into a system that has robbed them of their entitlements which their counterparts in other agencies like the military and DSS are still enjoying.
“An instance is the denial of the 300% Annual Basic Salary and the 80% monthly basics salary as gratuity and monthly pension respectively on retirement.
“The gratuity has been replaced with what is craftily described as lump sum which is far below 25% of Annual salary of a retiree after 35 years of meritorious service; and a monthly pension of what is less than 20% of the last monthly basic salary of the retiree.
“The risk factor that the Police face has been thrown into the gutter. Besides, CPS has denied Police Retirees of periodic increment of their monthly pension.
“For instance, the recently announced consequential adjustment of pension allowance by the FGN in line with Section 173(3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria as amended did not include Police retirees under CPS who go to the same market with the others and whose children attend the same school with the children of the others.
“From the publication of the NPF pension in the Nation newspaper, the only issue that they used to make the propaganda of calumny is the approval of 2.5% by the President.
“The 2.5% is not a favour done anybody. It is the entitlement of the employee that is due the employee following the review of employer and the employee rate of contribution.
“It is the money that should have been paid to retirees along with their benefits on retirement if the implementation of that policy had gone beyond paper level.
“Again, the propaganda of 300% special gratuity for Retired Police Officers still waiting for President’s approval is too old a story to be repeating.
“Let the whole world, Nigerians and the NASS know that the crowd showed in that publication and the clip that NPF Pension is carrying about are hired crowd who were paid ten thousand naira (N10,000.00) each as inducement and other souvenir to sit and pose as police officers.
“A hired labourer was paid N10,000.00 and other incentives for sitting for less two hours whereas the owners of the money (Police officers), like a Superintendent of Police on retirement is paid N3m after thirty-five years  and N40,000.00 as monthly pension.
“A Deputy Superintendent of Police is paid N1.7m after thirty-five years and N35,000.00 as monthly pension, and so on.
“Police Retirees under CPS have state chapters in almost all the states of the Federation and this assertion should be verified from the states chairmen.
“The unfolding events so far after our peaceful protest and the Senate investigative hearing of our petition have clearly brought to the understanding of both serving and retired Police Officers in this country that our predicament is the handiwork of the Nigeria Police authority and not the NPF pension or pension commission.

They used the medium to remind the IGP that they are still waiting to be invited for the joint meeting he had directed the DIG “A” to convene with them as a step towards the implementation of the outcome from the Senate investigative hearing of our petition.

“The outcome was served on the IGP on 4/6/2021 by the delegates of the retirees who were in the investigative hearing.
“May we also plead with the IGP not to give these “frustrated” Police retirees the cause to come back to Abuja for another peaceful protest except he has no value for  image and integrity.

The statement that was made available to the NationalUpdate on Tuesday was signed by
the following:
RTD CP Abayomi Akeremale, Esq
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, FCT Chapter
RTD CSP Uwem Uyoh
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, Aiwa Ibom Chapter

RTD CSP Akande Benjamin
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, Oyo chapter.
RTD CSP Yakubu
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS,KWS chapter

RTD CSP Mannir Lawal,
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, Kano State, Chapter

RTD SP Chris Effiong
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS,CRS chapter
RTD SP Eze Charles  
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS,ANS

Rtd ASP Joseph Abu
PRO Police Retirees under CPS, KGS chapter
RTD DSP Joseph Akubo
PRO Police Retirees under CPS, NGS chapter

RTD DSP Nkanga Oku
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, LGS Chapter

RTD SP Anthony Nnachor
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, Edo Chapter

Rtd ASP Elder Chris Odugu
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, Enugu Chapter

 RTD DSP Edward Eshue
Chairman, Police Retirees under CPS, Osun Chapter
RTD ASP Tommy Friday
Ag. Chairman Police Retirees under CPS, Aba

RTD DSP Elder Ofem O. Mbang, Esq.
Legal Adviser

 RTD DSP Dr. Augustine Peter
General Secretary

Rtd ASP Saidu Garba
Chairman Police Retirees under CPS Kaduna Chapter.

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Take campaigns, protests away from Church premises, CCYON tells politicians, Activists




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“””urges church leaders to work together to promote body of Christ

Coalition of Christian youths organizations of Nigeria (CCYON) has asked politicians, activist and even traditionalist to know that the church of God is not a campaign ground or place for carrying out political protests as it is not the seat of government.

They also called on church leaders to work together to promote the body of Christ and avert what happened at Dunamis gospel center by Omowole Sowore and also put a stop to the insultsvented on all Pastors.

A gospel music minister and youth development activist, Ambassador Phil Roberts had earlier condemned the evil plot by the self-acclaimed human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore, to destabilise the church by staging a political protest in Dunamis Church on Sunday, 4th July, 2021.

The he said CCYON is an umbrella body of Christian Youths Organizations in Nigeria with an aim to promote Christian values and ethics through prayers, media advocacy, networking, mobilisation and empowerment

He said, “Today being the 16th of July 2021 we call on all our members scattered all around Nigeria to remain calm and not react negatively to the provocative words coming from Sowore and his group.

“We appreciate the kind words and more especially the love we have gathered from various Christian leaders in support of our position to come out at such a time to speak up for our fellow young Christians as they are the life line of the church.

“As youths, we identify with the collective yearnings for positive change and leadership transformation in our land, but we also believe in orderly and civilized engagement in the quest for change.

“We won’t be cowered into embracing anarchy in our quest for change, and so, we urge all Christian youths to avoid the societal plague called of disunity.

“We implore everyone to critically look into the above and satisfy their conscience with balanced and objective answers.

“We also plead with Christian youths to please avoid people who don’t respect or fear God as we live in perilous times where the house of God has suffered a lot and we believe it’s time for us to kick start the trend of righteousness to exalt this nation with the sanity that our churches possess.

“We draw the attention of church leaders to rise up to the occasion and speak for the church so as not to allow unwarranted attacks on the church. We shouldn’t allow the devil to infest Christian youths with bad morals, political rascality and ethical bankruptcy.

“We are Christian youths bought and washed with the precious blood of Christ and we should take that calling seriously. We are peace loving people. We live by the rules of the kingdom of God as well as love our country and above all love God.

” Therefore it is against this backdrop we call on other Christian youths to grab this opportunity to join this chariot of unity to bring us together to promote the body of Christ through the activities of this Coalition.”

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