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Strong opposition builds against Kazaure in Northwest PDP over antiparty activities



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Strong opposition builds against Kazaure in Northwest PDP over antiparty activities

There is a groundswell of opposition against the Northwest zonal chairman of the People’s Democratic Party, senator Ibrahim Kazaure concerning his overt plans to work for the opposition All progressives Congress (APC) in the build up to 2023 elections.

He has been accused of hobnobbing with some leaders of the ruling APC for his personal interest as his tenure is billed to end in three months.

They believe the dwindling political fortunes of the party in the zone was brought about by the decisive tendencies of the zonal leadership

Political permutations in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in Northwest geopolitical zone is begining to emerge as many stakeholders have started to take positions.

The shape of things to come are emerging especially from Jigawa home State of the National chairman of the party for North West zone Ambassador Kazaure

The APC which benefited from the the political tsunami of President Muhammadu Bihari in 2015 is jittery going by the fact that they won the 2019 with power of incumbency.

The fear is that the 2023 election will be a different ball game as President Buhari would have served out his second tenure and there may be no candidate as generally acceptable in the North like Buhari in the last two elections in 2015 and 2019 to pull the votes to still give them victory. 
Another issue of utmost concern is the lacklustre performance of the ruling party that has further impoverished the people as most of the electoral promises have not been fulfilled hence the feeling that they may be rejected like PDP was rejected in 2015, has been hunting them.
For the PDP it has been a positive development for its chances in the 2023 as the party has been working to ensure this time around it retakes the Government at all levels.

However, the anti party activities may truncate that possibility.
Hence the ruling party in a proactive move has started strategizing by moving to plant moles in the PDP leading to it’s balkanization in to factions in the four States under APC control in the zone.
As for the States of Sokoto and Zanfara under the control of PDP they have not been able to penetrate to cause such factions.

PDP supporters who are concerned about the development have been fingering the Northwest zonal chairman Ambassador Kazaure as the willing tool. 

Again, for the reason that the tenure of the zonal chairman would elapse in three months it was gathered that he has been using the position to reach out to ensure he builds a buffer for himself in the ruling APC as many have accused him of hobnobbing with its leaders from whom it was alleged he has been getting favors in terms of contracts and other patronages.

Those opposed to Kazaure have also accused him of flying a kite which he has been using at the national level of the party to cause more disaffection in the party in his home State of Jigawa.

His accusers say having ran out of ideas coupled with the fact that he is himself not a grassroots politician, the best way to ensure he remains relevant is to attack the Lamido political structure through a propaganda that the former Governor was grooming his son to take over the structure of the party in Jigawa.

This they said he is using as a weapon to stave off possible emergence of his son Mustapha Lamido as successor.

It was learnt that the ambassador who has benefited immensely from Lamido’s magnanimity was at a time an ambassador, a Minister and the zonal PDP chairman courtesy of the former Governor.

His calculation according to those in the State who knows the goings on is that should they allow Lamido’s son to step in to the shoes of his father at this time the rest of them would be retired from politics.

Hence the propaganda gained some traction as some youths on social media have been attacking the personality of Lamido.

They also went further to tell the story of how every PDP stakeholder rallied round the PDP’s candidate in 2015 and 2019 Governorship election in the State Aminu Ringim to ensure the party carried the day.

However they observed that it was the same Kazaure that worked against the party’s candidate that led to the failure at the polls.

The party’s candidate in 2019 election who it was gathered could not muster resources for campaigns but vied based on Goodwill of the party’s support and Lamido’s backing has now found a veritable alliance in Kazaure after he loss election for the second time when he felt he was betrayed by the party’s leaders including Lamido himself.

It was gathered that after attempts to join the APC failed based on lack of agreement on the commissionership slots and other juicy positions he bargained for to his supporters, he is now being funded to sponsor people for the PDP Congress in the State by some APC stalwarts.

Kazaure it was gathered presented Aminu Ringim at the PDP Secretariat as a formidable and popular leader the party cannot afford to lose.

This move also was interpreted to mean that the Zonal chairman was also feathering his nest ahead of 2023 to also take a shot as the coast would have been clear for him.
So the group wants the national leadership to be weary of the zonal chairman as it would be dangerous to discuss sensitive party strategies where Kazaure is, as he will divilge everything to the APC.

One of the stalwarts of the party from the zone, Ahmad Ambursa (Kebbi) said PDP was not very strong in the Northwest, even from the begining in 1999.

It had its first States to be Kano, Kaduna and Katsina the rest were APP. However during the next round PDP lost Kano, to have only two States of Katsina and Kaduna.

 “In 2007 we got Jigawa, Kebbi converted to PDP in 2011. It is only in 2003 when Buhari contested that his popularity in the north affected the fortunes of PDP.

According to him, with the poor performance of Buhari in the last six years and the hope that there will be a paradgn shift there is every hope.
“You can see in the last election even though we could not make good outing in the Presidential election places like Kano were won if not for legal abrakadabra.

“The way things are going there is hope for the PDP what is now affecting the party is the issue of internal wranglings which is the issue of the zonal leadership. 

“Somebody who feels he is having his last lap, trying to catch in on projections of the PDP in the Northwest, everyone is struggling to get hold of the party in the northwest. The the zonal vice chairman is causing a lot of problems. 

‘Apart from Zanfara and Sokoto PDP all other five States have been factionalised. He is trying to reap out of the crises.’

He said all things being equal PDP is poised to take over northwest because of the lack of performance of the President and the hope that the President would not come back. “On the other hand the APC feels threatened by the misfortune they brought on themselves. “The only way they can keep floating is to go into politics of dive and rule in the PDP to create division and dissension and they found Ambassador Kassaure as a good tool to use for that mission because they want to reverse these projections. 

“APC has all the reason to worry and they can use their resources to achieve whatever to see that they cause factions and dissensions in the PDP. 

Hence based on the foregoing the North West PDP Concerned Youth Forum, stormed the PDP Secretariat in Wadata House Abuja to protest against alleged anti party activities of the North west zonal chaiman Senator Ibrahim Kazaure.

The youths drawn from, Zamfara, Kaduna, Kano, Jigawa, Sokoto and Kebbi were seen with banners carry inscription such ‘you are an APC mole in PDP, Northwest deserves better and responsible leadership.’

Reading from a petition addressed to the party chairman Uche Secondus at the entrace of the secretariat Abubakar A. Rafindadi who is the coordinator of the group described the zonal chairman as an agent of the APC in their party.

He said he has established his bossomly close relationship with Governor Nasir Elrufai and the national leader of the party Bola Tinubu.

He asked the leadership of the PDP to set-up a panel to investigate the allegations against the person of Senator Kazaure for peace to reign.

He observed that it will go a long way to keeping the party together as he demanded that Kazaure steps aside as zonal Chairman in other to allow for a transparent process.

“We are writing this petition as patriotic and loyal party members against the dangerous, risky, unethical, dishonorable actions of the PDP Northwest zonal Chairman in person of Senator Ibrahim Musa Kazaure.

He said the zonal party chairman’s activities are tantamount to sinking th Northwest zone of the party and by extension the whole PDP into oblivion before the end of this year.

“Since Senator Kazaure resumed office as zonal Chairman of the Party in 2016, there has never been a day in which a zonal meeting was called to discuss crucial, far-reaching, significant, epoch-making and consequential issues.

“It is important to note Mr Chairman that we live in a time when our party members are cross-carpeting into other political parties especially the APC due to numerous unresolved, unattended and petty issues especially in the Northwest geo-Political zone headed by Sen. Kazaure, 

He said even the unresolved issues alone are enough to rally round and bring stakeholders together to discuss, provide solutions and re-assure party faithfuls of the leadership commitment to solving differences and hold the party together.

“Aside calling for meetings, we challenge the Zonal Chairman to prove if there was ever a time that he was on seat for an hour in our designated zonal PDP headquarters in Kaduna.

“Many times and again he has been seen going in and out of Kaduna State government house visiting Governor Nasir El-Rufai, which makes one begins to wonder if that is the seat of the PDP Zonal Secretariat! 

“This definitely is a high crime against the PDP which punishment is prescribed by the party’s constitution. 

“Party faithfuls have at different times reported seeing Sen. Kazaure visiting the Abuja and Lagos residence of a Chieftain of the APC in person of Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu especially leading to the 2019 general elections and beyond and their complaints fell on deaf ears, 

He expressed the believe that the party lost many seats in the 2019 general elections that PDP members contested for in the Northwestern States because of the antiparty activities of the zonal chairman.

“With the above, it definitely comes as no surprise why Sen. Kazaure maintains double standards and speaks from the both sides of his mouth

“He has since succeeded in creating factions in Kaduna, Katsina, Kano and even his home state of Jigawa in other to destroy, shatter, dismantle, frustrate, mar, blemish, ruin and tear down the party in the Northwest.

“We must at this point commend your indefatigable, unswerving and dogged effort of your amiable administration in leading our great party back to power in 2023 as we collectively work together as party faithfuls to ensure our common survival.”

The members of the concerned youth forum came to the Secretariat with buses from each of the 6 States in the zone with each state carrying their own banners and chanting war songs.

The blocked the main entrance in to the party Secretariat making it almost impossible for people to go out or come into the Secretariat.

One of the security chiefs in the security department at the National Secretariat of the party who spoke to the protesting youths Dr Chris Udoka, expressed appreciation with the youths for the orderly manner the came to present their grievances.

He said, “I really appreciate you this young man, the leader of this group for being peaceful. What you are doing is Democratic, it is expected in a political party. 

“What you are doing is what should be done in any political setting. If a group of people feel they are not comfortable with what is going on either in their State or their zone, they can air out their view and that is simply what you have done. 

“So I want to thank you and your group for being peaceful. I am coming from the security department, unfortunately we have not seen any of the national leaders for now, they have not come to the office. 

“I want to assure you that this letter that you have given us will reach the national chairman of PDP, I will submit this to the office of the national chairman and he must have this copy. Appeasing the youths further he told them that the party belongs to them.

He therefore appealed to them to allow the gate they barricaded to be opened so that people can come in and go out. 

“We need the youth, from what I have seen all of you are the youths of this country and you are the hope for the future and we cannot do with out you.”

Efforts to get the reaction of ambassador Kazaure failed to yield positive result as his GSM line indicated it was switched off.

He failed to respond to a text message demanding to get his own side however he later sent an interogative message: did I stop the investigation?

However when the national chairman Uche Secondus came for the day’s s business he responded to the issues raised, saying it is normal.

According to him, it is an internal matter and the party will be able to handle it and handle it very well.

At the sidelines of their protest a PDP youth leader from Kano Kabiru Fagge said said the party should beware of the antics of the zonal chairman because he is hands in gloves with the APC.

Nafiu Shinkafi from Zanfara said 2023 is for PDP in the Northwest adding they would not allow the greed of the zonal chairman to scuttle their chances.

Aliyu Batagarawa on his part said the zonal chairman is a mole in the PDP.

The PDP chairman Jigawa State said the party is intact adding that all the machinations of the North West national chairman cannot affect the fortunes of the party.

As for the allegations by the PDP candidate in the 2015 and 2019 Governorship election Aminu Ringim alleging that the party leadership in the State and it’s leader Sule Lamido betrayed him he said it was the other way round.

“This is a man that had no money to fund his own election who we gave support but failed now turning around to blame everybody.

He betrayed Lamido who endorsed him, and the party that stood by him.

He said the same man who could not produce N1m for his own election is now the one bringing N57m to purchase forms for his so called faction in collaboration withKazaure. 

Mamuda warned the National leadership to be careful as they may be dealing with APC moles in it’s fold.

According to him, no matter what the zonal vice chairman does Lamido still remain the leader of Jigawa PDP. 

Earlier, another faction of the party in Jigawa believed to be Loyal to the zonal vice chairman and the Aminu Ringim camp also petitioned the national leadership of the party on the 23rd of January, 2020, accusing the State party executives and their Leader Sule Lamido of divide and rule and also anti party activities.

The petition was signed by Musa A. Kazaure as chairman and honorable Yau Yakubu Kanya as secretary.

They accused the executives of sabotage and Anti Party activities saying the Party failed to capture power as a result of the incompetence of the State Party Executives that specialises in undermining the chances of the party.

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Why women in academia must not stay aloof of politics by Mantu




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Why women in academia must not stay aloof of politics by Mantu

***says without polilitics development would be a mirage

Former deputy President of the Senate Ibrahim Mantu has challenged the women in the academia not to stay aloof of politics because they percieve it to be leprous as there cannot be development without democracy.
He spoke recently in Abuja when the newly formed North Central Peoples Forum (NCPF) met with stakeholders from Kogi to sensitize them on the Forum’s agenda.
Mantu was speaking against the backdrop of comments by Professor Lucy Ogbadu who advised the forum to be apolitical for better developmental strides to be achieved in the zone.
The professor had also made strong case for women to be brought on board in the forum as no development can be achieved without them.
Senator Mantu however said,
“You cannot have Development without politics, politics produces people who are going to govern you, they are the ones that will ensure they manage the resources God has given properly.
He said people like Professor Ogbadu must show interest in politics. “We want women of substance, women who will go and talk so that people will warmly hear them and we would be proud to say this professor is from our zone and that is why she is doing wonderfully well.
“You must join politics so that we can make use of you in the right place because your voice would be better heard.
“There is no way we can compare you a professor with a woman who is on the street no matter what happens and if you are in politics and tomorrow your party wins because you are a professor the chances of you becoming the minister of education or Finance or any higher ministry is there.
“So people like you must not stay aloof and see politics as leprous, no you must show interest in politics so that the best women amongst us can be given the most resounding position that will go a long way to developing our zone and for our lives to be better.”

Professor Ogbadu earlier indicated she is not a politician, but identified immediately with the forum is because of what she saw about the Forum.
“It is a non partizan forum, a Forum geared towards the development of the zone and that is the only thing that endeared this Forum to my heart.
“That is why I have always presented myself. Unfortunately I am the only woman here today and it is in this respect that I wish to request that you should try to bring more women into this forum because there would be no developmental effort within the zone that will succeed without the women.
“You know it even as politicians. Most of you here are politicians. You can not get to the grassroots without women.

“We have to make concerted effort to reach more people and to bring more people on board. Some of you are politicians, the faces that people will see is that of politicians so when you bring people like us that are not politicians people will begin to identify more with the forum.
“Let us make effort to bring people that are apolitical. I also want to appeal to all of us to put away our differences, we are not talking about politics at this forum. We are talking about the backwardness of this zone in terms of development.
“The zone is backward in terms of development. We know the potentials that this zone have, we know we are blessed with capable human resources.
“We have been reminded that Gowon comes from this zone. Gowon is not the only past president from this zone. We can count up to three past heads of State from this zone yet we have nothing to show.
“For this reason I want to appeal to all us, as we make effort that this zone is brought to the limelight we do all we can within our capability to carry everybody along. “The women from this zone are capable, educated, they are beautiful. They have what it takes.”
The North Central Peoples Forum interim chairman Architect Gabriel Aduku said they are now getting closer to the people.
He said they were meeting with the Stakeholders of Kogi, those elected into offices like former Governors, senators and all that to have a close discussion with them on the need for them to key in and support.
“We are just gathering momentum.”

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Though Politics is tough for women, take the shot, humanitarian minister challenges womenfolk




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Though Politics is tough for women, take the shot, humanitarian minister challenges womenfolk 

Though there is the general believe that politics in Nigeria is tough for the womenfolk, Minister of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management and Social Development Sadiya Umar Farouq has challenged them to get more involved in politics. 

The Minister spoke at the Kashim Ibrahim Fellowship Speaker Series held in Kaduna on Tuesday October 21, 2020.

This was contained in a statement by the minister special adviser on media Nneka Ikem Anibeze on Thursday.

Umar Farouq who made a virtual presentation titled ‘My Political Career as a Northern Lady: Experiences and Challenges expressed concern about the percentage of women in politics.

“The truth is that we are not many. We are not where we should be and clearly we need more women represented in politics and executive positions. 

The good news is that we are making progress. Today as the Deputy Governor of Kaduna State is a woman. 

“This is a first for the North and His Excellency Governor Nasir El Rufai by the grace of Almighty God made this happen despite the odds.

She said very soon the hope for the first female Governor and President would soon be realised.

The Minister said politics especially in Africa is  a difficult and expensive terrain for women however she encouraged  the younger generation not to be deterred but embrace the career.

“Politics is driven by a selected few and is also very expensive. We need more young people to participate, change the narrative and make conscious efforts to ensure inclusion so that any young woman or man even from a less privileged background or  from any part of the country can be a President of this nation”.

Umar added that her vision for Nigeria is to see more young men and women dream and achieve their ambition as leaders in whatever field of endeavor they choose. 

“I am a grassroots person and will continue to connect with my people to lift the vulnerable out of poverty and foster the creation of an environment for inclusive growth and prosperity.  

K9I am supported by a team of vibrant young men and women working in the Ministry to bring fresh ideas and strategies to solving the nation’s Humanitarian and Social Development challenges. I want to use this avenue to thank my staff who work day and night in difficult terrains to ensure that we achieve our mandate,” Farouq said.

The Chief host of the Speaker Series was the Kaduna state Governor, Mallam Nasir Ahmed El-Rufai. 

The Speaker Series is designed to expose Fellows to notable personalities who have distinguished themselves in their various fields of expertise.

Some of the previous speakers include former President Chief Olusegun Obasanajo, Mallam Nasir Ahmad el-Rufai, HRH Muhammadu Sanusi II the former Emir of Kano,  Deputy Chief of Mission, US. Embassy Abuja, H.E. David J. Young, Deputy-Secretary General of the United Nations Hajiya Amina J. Mohammed, Mrs. Ibukun Awosika – Chairman, First Bank of Nigeria, H.E. Donald Duke the former Governor of Cross River State, H.E Kashim Shettima, Ms. Kadaria Ahmed, Dr. Joe Abah, Ms. Yewande Sadiku, Prof. Pat Utomi, Mr. Mohamad Darwish and Dr. Dakuku Peterside amongst others.

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PDP says Buhari’s Address Disconnected, Fails Empathy Test




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PDP says Buhari’s Address Disconnected, Fails Empathy Test

The long-awaited national broadcast by President Muhammadu Buhari on the protests rocking the nation, came with disappoint as it is completely disconnected from the realities of the tragic occurrences in our country in the last two weeks the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has said.

This was contained in a statement that was issued by the party’s National publicity, secretary Kola Ologbodiayan in Abuja on Thursday.

The party however appeals to Nigerians, particularly the youth, to remain calm and allow a return to normal life in the collective quest for peaceful co-existence in the overall interest of our nation.

“The President’s address, in the face of the turmoil witnessed, the unrests as well as the killing of young Nigerians, is to say the least, depressing and failing in empathy test.
“Our party and, indeed, all lovers of peace in our country, were shocked that the President glossed over the immediate trigger of violent protests – the widely condemned killing at the Lekki Toll Gate by security operatives, a situation which created a global concern and drew the attention of the world to the abuse of human rights going on in our country under his watch.

“Painfully too, the President, as the Commander-in-Chief, was silent on the demand by Nigerians for enquires into the involvement of the military in the gruesome killing.
“Sadly, the long awaited address failed to inspire any hope. It failed to address the trepidations, the pervading hopelessness, the drifting towards anarchy and provided no concrete steps on how to arrest the situation and rein in bandits, hoodlums and vandals that were let loose to unleash violence on peaceful protesters and innocent Nigerians.
“In short, from the letters of the address, there were no correlations between the fundamentals of the crisis situation that we have witnessed and the long-sought reaction of the President.”

Furthermore, he said Nigerians had expected that the President will provide the lead for the much- needed overhauling of our security architecture to meet the demands of professionalism and respect for rules of engagement.
“The President also failed to use the opportunity to further heal wounds and inspire hope by outlining a roadmap to open up the economy in a manner that will enable our teeming hard working youths to pursue their productive goals as well as address the issue of pervading hunger in the land.
“However, in solidarity with Nigerians and in honour to the victims of Lekki Toll Gate killing, our party has directed that our flags in all our offices across the nation be flown at half-mast for a period of one week, beginning from Friday, October 23, 2020.

“The PDP urges all men and women of good faith to join forces in praying for our country as well as working towards solutions and peaceful resolution of the crisis that seeks to envelope our dear nation.”

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