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What manner of man is Senator Oseni?



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By Zacchaeus Ozovehe

The reign of Senator Yakubu Oseni as representative of Kogi Central constituency is two years today. We have cause to genuinely celebrate him because nobody ever thought his representation would be as profitable as it later turned out to be owing to the barrage of criticisms and calculated character assassination that trailed his election. Nominally, his stay at the Red Chamber clocks two years today including a whole legislative year (2020) which was snatched away from the lawmakers as a result of the sudden outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic that disrupted global activities.

Since the return of democratic governance in 1999, yours sincerely has ever been a keen and critical watcher of the pace, mode and quality of representation the people of Kogi Central Senatorial District have had to enjoy or endure. From the banking sector and having had a stint at the then dying Kogi Internal Revenue Service which he professionally reformed and placed on the pedestal of robust revenue generation, Alhaji Yakubu Oseni (AYO, as he was fondly called by his admirers then) threw his hat in the ring to contest and represent the good people of Kogi Central in 2019. His decision to represent the people of Kogi Central irked some pockets of people with vested interest and this immediately generated plethora of conspiracy theories that went viral in the run up to the election. But, what makes democracy unique and globally acceptable is the fact that it permits plurality of ideas, contestants and even platforms with which the people can express themselves on who to represent or govern them.

So, in the election that later produced Senator Yakubu Oseni whose two-year journey at the National Assembly we are celebrating today, the then unabashed AYO endured verbal bashing, yet remained firmly focused on his determination to provide unprecedented representation to his people if elected. Of course, his prayers and the wishes of the greater majority of the people was granted by God who Senator Oseni had always referred to as the ultimate giver of power. If Senator Oseni should be likened to biblical character, it should be ‘David’ who though ill-equipped in weaponry, have had to combat the raging octopus-like and multidimensional Goliath in the defense of his people. As the proverbial tailless cow and Almighty God that was with David, God showed his omniscience in the victorious election of Senator Oseni, thereby wiping the tears of the people of Kogi Central who have long yearned for true representation at the Senate.

I have had cause to journey through Lokoja to Okene yesterday and my co-passengers forayed from one political discussions to another and finally settled on “Senator Oseni’s topic”. At the mention of Senator Oseni, the whole vehicle got frenziedly lightened. It was as if they were patiently waiting for the name to be mentioned before reeling out their respective benevolent testimonies about the lawmaker who seemed to have had direct positive impact on their lives. A middle-aged man who simply identified himself as Adeku wanted all of us in the vehicle to show gratitude to the leadership of Senator Yakubu Oseni at the National Assembly. He vehemently argued that Kogi Central Senatorial District has never had it better than the present dispensation.

He said inter alia: “What made me love him is the fact that he will never give you fish, instead, he teaches you how to profitably go into fishing. This is the only illustration I can use to explain the benefits and mode of entrepreneurial and skill acquisition schemes Senator Oseni has introduced. Many young people and women across the five Local Government Areas of Kogi Central have been lifted above poverty line with Senator Oseni’s ingenious initiative. Impacting life-changing skill in the people with its attendant positive multiplier effects will surely outlive the tenure of Senator Oseni”.

The focus of Adeku is on human capital development initiative of Senator Oseni. Adeku equally tried to make comparative analysis of how youths were once empowered in earlier dispensations with cars, sponsorship of weddings of additional wives to loyalists, motorcycles and other gift items that are fleeting or ephemeral.

Amidst all these, Adeku was halted by comments of another passenger who rhetorically quizzed ”What manner of man is Senator Yakubu Oseni” This is a man that remained unperturbed in the face of fallacious allegations against him in the run up to the election that brought him as Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and yet, did not consider such in siting his infrastructural projects. No wonder he has continued to receive recommendations from stakeholders not only from Kogi State but across the federation.

“My household cannot wish him bad not when he generously gave us Ramadan foodstuff palliative” another woman chipped in.

I was enjoying every bit of the discussion until the driver whom I had earlier informed that “Total Filling Station Okene” was my destination reminded me that my transport fare has exhausted its potency. I had to grudgingly alight at the peak of the discussion of “Senator Oseni’s topic” which had lasted about an hour. In a pluralistic society like ours, the best avenue to gauge people’s opinion about leaders, government’s policy and its institutions are markets square, newsstands, football viewing centres, motor parks, beer parlours and other social or informal gatherings. You can be cocksure of getting true recommendations or reprimands from these locations as discussions are done in an informal and unstructured manner. Incidentally, assessment of Senator Oseni’s scorecards in the last two years happened on transit by people spatially picked by a driver as passengers.

However, I was engrossed with the enticing discussion such that the opportunity to inform my co-passengers that the achievements of Senator Yakubu Oseni in the last two years surpassed the template in which they have established eluded me.

I would have told them that Senator Yakubu Oseni has facilitated different Federal Government jobs for many young people in his constituency.

I would have informed them that the bill seeking establishment of Steel University Ajaokuta sponsored by Senator Oseni has weathered the rigorous hurdles of painstaking legislative scrutiny and only waiting for presidential assent.

I would have enlightened my co-passengers that aside the aforementioned bill, Senator Oseni has to his credit, ‘Solid Minerals Producing Areas Development Agency Bill,’ “Solid Minerals Development Bank Bill,” Institute of Computer Forensic of Nigeria Bill and other motions bordering on the security and economy of Nigeria raised by Senator Oseni.

I would have taken them through more informed elucidation on the latent benefits and foresight of the lawmaker in engaging the youths of his constituency in digital and technological-based empowerment in order to keep up with the 21st century of youths that ought to be solution providers.

I would have asked them if they know the selfless political leader that facilitated the construction of Upogoro-Agassa road, drainage and bridges on the road that leads to Government Day Secondary School (GDSS) Anyava.

Since all of them seemed to be going into Okene main town, I would have beseeched them to visit Okene Local Government Ministry of Works at Otutu Ward to personally inspect ‘Type A’ Skill Acquisition Centre built by Senator Oseni for training on tailoring, carpentry, hair dressing, vulcanising and detergent making. This gesture is not limited to Okene Local Government Area, it cuts across other four LGAs, one of the reasons why the passenger sought to know the manner of man Senator Oseni is.

As a lover of education, Senator Oseni had in the last two years gone into building of blocks of classrooms, ultramodern ICT centre equipped with solar power generation facilities, provision of stationery and computer sets across his constituency.

As the people celebrate this rare gem today, we are more than convinced that the era of docile and ‘I concur’ representation of Kogi Central Senatorial District has given way for purposeful and result-oriented leadership. Yes, we craved for sincere leader to represent us at the National Assembly and we have one in Senator Yakubu Oseni who has kept his promises.

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Jegede vs Akeredolu: APC technically out of Anambra Guber




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Because of Supreme Court judgment on the Status of Mai Buni as National Chairman of APC, one could say that the judgment by extension has technically ruled APC out of Anambra November 6th, 2021 Guber election.

It is a very simple logic to understand.

He can not hold position of the Party’s National Chairman as an elected Governor so even if the APC wins, the election could be nullified on the grounds relating to section 183 of the Constitution of Federal of Nigeria 1999 as amended because you can’t put something on nothing and expect it to stand.

Everything done under his leadership is now under constitutional question and also subject to litigation and could be reversed in court based on todays judgment of the supreme Court.

In fact I believe that the Supreme Court played a fast one on Ondo case for claiming that because he was not joined in the matter.

Supreme court merely found a technical mechanism in the lacuna and exploited it as escape route to save ONDO STATE FOR APC. That case would have still been determined on merit without joining Buni.

My argument is centered on the point that he signed/approved all document and processes that will lead to placing the APC on the ballot for Anambra November 6th election.

Section 183 is very clear and unambiguous.

Any law that is inconsistent with the provision of the constitution of Nigeria 1999 as amended is voided automatically.

The Provisions of the constitution shall have binding force on all authorities and persons throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

High Chief Peter Ameh

Former Presidential Candidate Progressive People’s Alliance PPA

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Re: Presidency Should Call Mr. Sunday Akin Dare to Order Before He Embarrasses Nigeria




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****Face your Criminal Trial, Minister Tells Gusau

The Attention of the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Mr. Sunday Dare, has been drawn to a publication titled “Presidency Should Call Mr.Sunday Akin Dare to Order Before He Embarrasses Nigeria, By Sylvanus Ofekun”

The piece was published by Sahara Reporters and reproduced by a few other platforms that did not conduct the professionally expected due diligence on the false claims made in the said publication.

The article was shopped to several national publications that turned it down on account of its misleading, libelous and attempt to fraudulently rewrite facts and information that have been in the public domain about the Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN).

It is common knowledge that the former AFN President, Engineer Ibrahim Shehu Gusau with his co-travellers is desperate to extricate himself from a contract that he controversially signed the AFN into, which has now placed him in a position of trying to blackmail Team Nigeria into wearing the kits. Ibrahim Gusau has conveniently neglected to tell Nigerians that he and Sunday Adeleye signed a non-disclosure agreement with PUMA, which details are unknown to the Ministry and board members of the AFN.
The Minister and the Ministry will not commit the Nigerian government and Nigerian athletes to a deal of which the Ministry has not sighted the contractual documents that ties Nigerian athletes to a five year contract with PUMA.

As is statutory, the Nigeria Olympic Committee (NOC) is responsible for Team Nigeria’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics, and President Muhammadu Buhari, represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, has formally handed over the team to NOC. Unfortunately, Gusau, as a former AFN President, did not write any official letter to the NOC about the kits neither did he contact the incumbent AFN Secretary General to take them over just as he did not remit them to the known address of the AFN, which is AFN Secretariat at the Moshood Abiola National Stadium, Abuja. He ran the PUMA deal as a purely personal enterprise, which landed him in trouble with the law.

Engineer Gusau and his accomplices in the controversial PUMA deal were docked before a competent court in a criminal case with suit Number CR/99/2020 IGP Vs Ibrahim Shehu Gusau & two others, for criminal conspiracy, misappropriation, criminal breach of trust and cheating in violation of the Nigeria Penal Code. The trial is ongoing and a copy of the charge sheet is attached to this statement. It is pertinent to await the outcome of this criminal trial before making further clarifications on the extent of treachery that the disgraced former AFN President committed against the Athletics Federation of Nigeria and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

The Ministry has adequately apprised the Presidency, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the Federation as well as the Inspector General of Police of the criminality involved in the PUMA deal.

In the interim, it is pertinent to state that while the AFN is one of the 38 federations overseen by the Ministry as enshrined in the relevant extant legislation, the Honourable Minister is not responsible for the day to day running of any federation as this is a responsibility for the various secretariats of the federations. It is therefore uncharitable for Gusau, through his hirelings, to insinuate that the Minister is responsible for his troubles.
Gusau should face his ongoing trial for criminal conspiracy, misappropriation, criminal breach of trust and cheating and not involve the Minister in the mess he got himself into.

Federal ministry of Youths and Sports Development

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Senate’s rejection of Lauretta Onochie: A refreshing act of patriotism




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By chief Mike Ozekhome, SAN, OFR, Ph.D


I think for once, something good has come out of Egypt, at least just for once. The Senate firmly rejected the nomination of Ms Lauretta Onochie as INEC Commissioner representing Delta state. This happened just before the anti-democracy and anti-people National Assembly (NASS) – INEC electronic transmission transfixion debacle. Interrogating this national disgrace is for another piece. But, something positive did  emerge from the “take a bow” 9th Senate of the NASS last week.

Surprisingly this was from the NASS which I had described in an earlier write up as the worst NASS to have emerged in Nigeria ever since the days of Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe and Dr Nwafor Orizu during the first Republic. The brightest and most progressive of them all was the Dr. Bukola Saraki and Dr Ike Ekweremmadu-led 8th NASS. It  weaned and nurtured democracy. It stood its ground fearlessly and demonstrated its independence as one of the three arms of Government and a strong building block of our fledgling and stunted democracy.

However I do not agree with the Senate that the real reason for Ms Lauretta Onochie’s, rejection was anchored on the Federal character Principle requirement, because Mrs May Agbamuche-Mbu, A serving INEC Commissioner is from Delta State, just like Onochie. I think that was a mere face-saving device and simulated soft landing strategy for the Senate in refusing to square up to the whole truth of the matter.

65 years old Sexagenarian, Lauretta Onochie, born 19th July, 1955, had fervently and publicly denied being politically partisan during the Senate screening. I could not believe my ears. The whole world knows that she had registered as No. 2 in Ward 4, Aniocha North L.G.A. of Delta State, during the recent APC Nation-wide membership registration exercise. More curious about her incredible and incredulous denial stems from the fact that in an affidavit she personally swore to in the case of LAURETTA ONOCHIE VS EMEKA AGWUONYE (as recent as 30th June, 2021), which is currently  pending before the FCT High Court, Abuja, she had attached her own passport photograph. In that case, Onochie had deposed affirmatively in paragraph 3 inter alia, thus: “I am also a member of the All Progressive Congress and a Volunteer at the Buhari Support Organisation (B.SO)”.

I could therefore not believe my eyes when I beheld her frontally and publicly denying membership of the APC and an ardent supporter of President Buhari.
Onochie’s nomination as INEC Commissioner representing Delta State (and by extension, the South South) had therefore triggered national outrage and ruckus because of her glaring political partisanship. Constitutional, democratic and moral hurdles were thus cited by a cross section of Nigerians, including politicians, Lawyers (I am one of them), the opposition PDP, public officers, analysts and the Civil Society, as afflicting her desperately sought-for appointment. Inspite of this,  Onochie boldly appeared before the Senate for screening.She strangely and imperiously thumped her chest as “Madam Due Process”.
Really? Not so fast, madam! She then lied before a bewildered Nation, “since Buhari was elected as president for the second term, I have removed myself from everything about politics. Since 2019, I do not have anything to do with politics. As I am sitting here, I am not a member of any political party in this country”. I wept for Nigeria and for decent womanhood beholding a desperate old woman lying between her teeth, just to get a mere INEC appointment. At 65! This is the age most Civil Servants retire to their homes. What is in this INEC seat to force a woman to throw away her dignity and self respect? Onochie LIED.

For starters, her recent registration as No 2 in Ward 4, Aniocha North LGA of Delta State, during the recent registration exercise shows the falsity of her declaration. Secondly, an affidavit she personally deposed to in a case in which she is the plaintiff as lately as 30th June, 2021, also clearly affirmed that she is still a member of the APC and a volunteer at the Buhari Support Organisation (BSO). Wait for the icing on the case: on June 24, 2020 ( well after she claimed to have quitted partisan politics in 2019 ) , she had made an outing by tweet on the social media, promoting the APC, and stating that the party was merely going through the pangs of a growth process. This was during the leadership crisis that engulfed the APC, threatening to consume this  party of disparate tendencies. In my humble opinion, this brazen denial of her membership of the APC during her screening demonstrated, more than anything else, her total lack of integrity and moral high grounds in being entrusted with such a sensitive job that borders on midwifing the will of the people. It was impunity taken too far.

Let me be very clear about this. There is nothing wrong about Onochie belonging to the APC, or to any other political party of her choice. There is also nothing wrong with Onochie rolling out the drums to support President Buhari, whether before, during, or after the 2015 and 2019 presidential elections. These are her inalienable constitutional rights. But, she cannot enjoy these rights simultaneously with being an INEC Commissioner. She cannot be a bat who argues that she belongs to the Animal Kingdom, because she possesses mammary glands (breasts), pinnas (ears), and teeth, like those of human beings; but that she is, at the same time, a member of the Birds Kingdom, because she can fly very well. As the name suggests, the Independent National Electoral Commission” is expected to be truly independent. The word “independent” means “liberated”, “unrestrained”, “unconstrained”, “bold”, “individualistic”.
Can 65 year old Onochie, a die-in-the-wool APC fanatic, pick up the Holy Bible (as a Christian) and swear that if she had been cleared by the Senate as INEC Commissioner, she would have been truly unrestrained, unconstrained, bold, individualist, and liberated from the apron strings of Buhari and the APC? I think not, or, do you? Could Onochie have been so independent and liberated from her benefactor ,Buhari, and her political party, in such a way and manner as to take firm decisions in an election against their interest? I think not. Or, do you?

Indeed, Part 1 paragraph F to the third schedule of the 1999 Constitution provides that Resident Electoral Commissioners shall be persons of “unquestionable integrity”. Can Onochie, a member of a political party who is crazily and passionately partisan to her party and her benevolent appointor, the President, be a person of “unquestionable integrity”? I believe not. Or do you? Her mere admission of once belonging to the APC and supporting Buhari, but that she had recanted and renounced them ( even if believable), are the very reasons why she should never come near the corridors of ballot papers and boxes.

The truth of the matter, and I can categorically conjecture why Onochie was rejected, is that she has been one of the most fantatical and consumate supporters; and a vociferous card-bearing member of the APC. She is not just an APC card-carrying member; she has always been the Personal Assistant to President Muhammadu Buhari on Social Media Affairs. She loves wearing a long ankle- length t-shirt emblazoned with a larger-than-life portrait of Buhari. She deifies him; canonises him.No problem about this; it is her right.But, please, Onochie, stay far away, far far away, from the hallowed precincts of INEC. Keep Off please !!!

Onochie has always used the social media outlet to attack every and all Nigerians that dare to disagree with her mentor and deity, Buhari. She  abuses them all. Freely. She deploys  obscene expletives, caustic language, utmost vulgarity and asinine inanities.
Waziri Atiku Abubakar was not spared by Onochie’s putrid vituperations.She accused him of shopping for terrorists in Dubai and being a wanted man. Atiku is in court against Onochie over this. I am his lawyer. Onochie had also attacked me in the social media some years ago, for daring to criticize Buhari, her god. I refused to dignify her with a response, so as not to belittle my humble self. But, she was not so lucky with roaring and cerebral Chief Femi Fani Kayode ( FFK),  whom she dared attack. She had touched the tiger by the tail. FFK would not accept that, not let go. He took her to the cleaners and literally tore her to shreds. With bare knuckles; intellectual superiority. I had guffawed.

Therefore, such a palpably partisan person was not fit for, or confirmable for the sacred position of INEC Commissioner. She would have been the biggest liability to this already baggaged Government. She would have further polluted the electoral process, since she is a known unabashed presidential aid and a card-carrying member of the APC , who can never go against her boss or political party in any matter involving elections. She was brutally partisan. She did so without any remorse, sense of guilt or shame whatsoever. Her rejection was therefore good riddance to bad rubbish.

Whether for reason of federal character (section 14 of the Constitution), or for the reason of her well known unabashed partisanship, the important thing is that Onochie was roundly rejected. Like some people would say jocularly , whether it was Jonah that swallowed the fish, or it was the fish that swallowed Jonah, the important thing is that there was a “swallow”.

My kobo piece piece of advice to Lauretta. Madam, quietly stay put in your propaganda corner with your job as Buhari’s social media attack dog. In this, I believe you have done pretty good. I score you well above average. But, for INEC job, farewell! Goodbye!! Adieu!!!

I therefore salute the Senate of the 9th NASS for developing balls for the first time; at least on this singular occasion. Kudos to the Ahmed-Lawan led Senate on Onochie’s rejection as INEC Commissioner.

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